Architectural Design

Architectural design

We develop architectural and technical projects, from the smallest of the civilian building to the biggest of the industrial plant, from the preliminary level to the production of executives valid for the construction phase.

Architectural Design

We start from the creation of a concept, usually shaped on customer espressed desires. We then go on to define all the details through a close relationship with the customer, until the definition of an unique project. From the basic architectural elements capable of shaping the spaces, we define all the individual elements needed to bring the project to reality.

Structural design

We perform design and calculations for discrete, continuous or mixed systems on wood and lamellar wood structures, steel, reinforced concrete conglomerates, ordinary and reinforced masonry for both new and existing buildings. Through diagnosis and risk assessment, we carry out safety-keeping projects, up to the seismic adaptation of existing buildings, in compliance with the latest technical standards.

Installation design

We develop the design of ditribution networks for small and large distributors, canalized networks for electricity, water, gas, air and computers. In addition, we realize green systems such as steam plants, solar (thermal and photovoltaic) systems, exploiting the latest technologies for energy generation and environmental protection.

Fire Safety Design

As part of Registro Progettisti Antincendio, we are qualified for writing and editing Cert, REI and IMP. We design active and passive firewalls, both for existing and new buildings. We can take care of the whole retrofitting processes, adequating existing buildings to current regulations and carrying out all the needed beureucratic  burdens associated with it.


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